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Has Bad Intentions is recruiting in preparation for Legion!

We currently have an active Normal & Heroic raid team still continuing to raid this late into the current expansion (currently 13/13H). We are always on the lookout for raiders of all roles as well as social players! We raid Sunday night 8-12 ST. If interested, talk to one of the guild officers; who they are can be found on the "About Us" page.

Heroic Hellfire Citideal has been cleared

Heroic Soccerball (aka Socrethar) fall down and go boom!


Reverend Zor a posted Sep 1, 15

So, Sunday night saw us make some further progress in both regular and normal mode Hellfire Citadel!

First off we had 3 heroic mode one shots on Hellfire AssaultIron Reaver, Kormrok, & Hellfire High Council...

Then we scored our first kill on Kilrogg Deadeye!

The we swapped to Normal mode and made our first kills on Xhul'horac & Tyrant Velhari!

Baddies FTW!

Two new heroic bosses down this evening with obvious loot drops to accompany them (blame Chypper and his motevational speech in raid chat for the title of this post).

After getting past the hoeric cock-block known as Iron Reaver, we found that Kormrok and Hellfire High Council are more than happy to fall over and give you loot upgrades!