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Has Bad Intentions is recruiting in preparation for Legion!

We currently have an active Normal & Heroic raid team still continuing to raid this late into the current expansion (currently 13/13H). We are always on the lookout for raiders of all roles as well as social players! We raid Sunday night 8-12 ST. If interested, talk to one of the guild officers; who they are can be found on the "About Us" page.

Heroic Hellfire Citideal has been cleared

Heroic Soccerball (aka Socrethar) fall down and go boom!


Reverend Zor a posted Sep 1, 15

So, Sunday night saw us make some further progress in both regular and normal mode Hellfire Citadel!

First off we had 3 heroic mode one shots on Hellfire AssaultIron Reaver, Kormrok, & Hellfire High Council...

Then we scored our first kill on Kilrogg Deadeye!

The we swapped to Normal mode and made our first kills on Xhul'horac & Tyrant Velhari!

Baddies FTW!